Fine Dining, Pay As You Wish…


In the state of economy in which we are in at the moment worldwide, business’s are being forced to create incentive for customers, in order to keep their business striving. A perfect example of this is UK restaurant Little Bay, renowned for serving fresh, hearty meals at incredibly good prices in its trademark opulent surroundings. But owner Peter Ilic ia taking his concept to the next level, his Farringdon Road restaurant will not present a single food bill to diners during this entire month of February. “It’s entirely up to each customer whether they give £100 or a penny. All I’m asking is they pay me what they think the food and service is worth,” said Peter, who has run restaurants in London for more than 26 years.
The February menu at Little Bay Farringdon includes ingredients which wouldn’t be out of place at Michelin starred establishments including foie gras, smoked salmon, caviar and fillet steak.
“It just seemed the right thing to do with everyone under the cosh and feeling pretty miserable. We have seen so many more City folk coming into the restaurant lately, looking for a better value lunch. We’re well known for serving great food at very competitive prices and this is the ultimate value for money meal.”


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